The 365 Day Non-Consumption Challenge

I have challenged myself to go 365 days (started on Aug 1, 2011) without purchasing new, off-the-shelf items.

What does that mean?Lets say I need to buy a new backpack for my daughter for school...I have to find that backpack in some way (thrift, friend, etc.) that doesn't require me buying a brand new, never before used item. Essentially I want everything I purchase to be giving me their "second life".

#1 The environmental impact used to produce, ship and package new items while perfectly good ones sit in consignment stores, thrift stores and basements.
#2 To challenge the idea that status=belongings. To rethink the phrase "He who dies with the most toys wins" and prove (even if just to myself) that I am the sum of my actions, not my belongings.

So NO buying items brand new for 365 days.
(p.s. I am not a martyr so exclusions will apply to things like runners, undies, etc. to make this realistic it has to be recycled TP) see "ground rules" post below for more details.

Stay tuned...

Thursday, 18 August 2011

You tell me!

 So I wasn't really expecting anyone to be inspired by this blog but a couple people have messaged me about joining on! One already started, you can see her blog here.

Some have mentioned that they don't know how thier own challenge should begin so I thought it might be fun to get people thinking by asking you readers a question...

Do you have a favorite vintage find?

A thrift store that you love to shop at?

This is you chance to promote your favorite shop with other like minded readers and/or brag about your score *smile*!

Looking forward to your stories.

Enjoy your day,


  1. I love reading your blog Liz!! I love second hand shopping, it's the thrill of the hunt and of course I love all the money I can save. I found a pair of mint Nine West boots last week at the Good Will thrift store for $7.99! Just in time for fall/ winter. I also scored a pair of Stride Rite leather boots for my 10 month old daughter for $12. That made me really happy as she will out grow them before they get there wear. I easily saved myself at least $175, score!!! Look forward to following your blog, happy hunting!!!
    Jodie Martel

  2. Jodie,

    I am turning green and on my way to the Good Will store!

    Thanks for sharing next time you hit the big time send me a pic and I will make a custom post just for you!

    Thanks for following,