The 365 Day Non-Consumption Challenge

I have challenged myself to go 365 days (started on Aug 1, 2011) without purchasing new, off-the-shelf items.

What does that mean?Lets say I need to buy a new backpack for my daughter for school...I have to find that backpack in some way (thrift, friend, etc.) that doesn't require me buying a brand new, never before used item. Essentially I want everything I purchase to be giving me their "second life".

#1 The environmental impact used to produce, ship and package new items while perfectly good ones sit in consignment stores, thrift stores and basements.
#2 To challenge the idea that status=belongings. To rethink the phrase "He who dies with the most toys wins" and prove (even if just to myself) that I am the sum of my actions, not my belongings.

So NO buying items brand new for 365 days.
(p.s. I am not a martyr so exclusions will apply to things like runners, undies, etc. to make this realistic it has to be recycled TP) see "ground rules" post below for more details.

Stay tuned...

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

365 NCC The Ground Rules

It (officially) begins!

I was on vacation from August 1-15th so you didn't see any posts but I did begin, as promised, on the first.

These are my ground rules and exceptions.

From August 1st 2011- August 1st 2012 I will not purchase any NEW items. New meaning 1st time use, off the shelf goods. This will apply to all aspects of my life, including gift giving.

What I need to find 365NCC style:
- All clothing for myself, my husband and my 2 girls.
- All accessories (jewellery, watches, etc.)
- Footwear (excepting running shoes, see below).
- Cooking/Kitchen Tools (pots, pans, utensils, etc. That means NO Ziploc reusable containers from the grocery store.)
- Furniture and home decoration items.
- Back to school goodies (backpack, binders, etc.)
- Gifts for others.
- Kid supplies (toys, games, etc.)
- Craft supplies (what can't you make out of reused goodies, this includes canvases for painting.)
- Vehicles

What I can buy new:
- Personal hygiene items (no used toothbrushes here).
- Undergarments.
- Running shoes (for the health of my feet and knees while running) BUT ONLY running shoes...
- My Husband may buy clothes for himself new, but I will not be involved, nor will I use his exception to get new things.
- Consumer goods that run out (IE: paper, pens, paint, etc.)
- Electronics (not really a electronic person but I think it may be useless to buy a used camcorder, find out it is garbage and then buy another one, sometimes a good first investment saves waste too.)

I hope I thought of everything...

I'm doing this for me and these are my ground rules.

If you would like to join me, please do! Your rules WILL be different and that is okay.

Here we go....


  1. Hey Liz! I'm so intruiged!! I think this is something I would LOVE to do!! But don't even know how to get started!! ha ha! I'm definitely going to be following you along the way!

  2. Hey Courtney,

    Thanks for your comment. Maybe I will do a post on getting started...

    Whatever works for you works...